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St. Melangell Tote Bag

St. Melangell Tote Bag

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  • 13 x 13 inches
  • Made in the USA

This tote bag features St. Melangell, patroness of hares and small animals. 

St. Melangell's Story

Melangell was an Irish princess during the 7th century. When her father arranged a royal marriage for her, she fled to Northern Whales.  Melangell became a hermitess and spent her days praying. One day, the prince of Powys was hunting a hare nearby.  The creature sought protection from Melangell. The hounds cowered, not daring to pursue the hare any further.  After speaking to the hermitess, the prince was inspired to give her a piece of land to build an abbey on. Melangell became abbess and continued to offer refuge for small animals throughout her life.

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