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St. Tarcisius Tote Bag

St. Tarcisius Tote Bag

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  • 13 by 13 inches
  • Made in the USA

This tote bag features St. Tarcisius, patron of altar boys and first communicants. 

St. Tarcisius's Story

St. Tarcisius lived during the third century and was said to have been the pope's acolyte. During the Christian persecutions, there was no priest or deacon to carry the Eucharist to the prisoners about to be executed. 12-year-old Tarcisius was entrusted with this mission.  On the way, he was met by his friends who invited him to join in their games. Tarcisius politely refused, and they noticed he was carrying something.  Realizing he was a Christian, the children beat and stoned Tarcisius. A Christian soldier broke up the mob and rescued the wounded boy. Tarcisius died soon after, happy that he had protected his dear Lord. 

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